Author: Pedro Hicks

3 Great WordPress Magazine Themes

The right premium WordPress magazine theme can create a fantastic website very quickly.

The point of using a WordPress theme is it saves you a bundle of time and/or money to create a great-looking website with a ton of content.

Sure, you might do some customization with graphics and layout, but at the end of the day… you can actually have a website up and running. I love building great websites fast.

The question is, which WordPress magazine themes are the best?

Many people look for a free magazine theme. This article explains the hazards of saving a few dollars with a free theme.

In my view, the best WordPress Magazine themes are:

  • Magazine child theme by StudioPress.
  • Lifestyle child theme by StudioPress.
  • News child theme by StudioPress.

What’s the deal with StudioPress?

I build most of my websites with the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. The Genesis Framework makes building websites easy and fast. Better yet, you get incredible functionality and flexibility – two features I want and need with pretty much every website I build.

Magazine style websites require a particular function which all 3 above-mentioned StudioPress themes have in spades. This functionality is called “Featured Posts.”

What are Featured Posts?

Featured Posts enable you to create listings of article titles with or without excerpts on your home page and/or your sidebar. With Magazine theme, Lifestyle theme, and News theme by StudioPress, you can create as many groupings of featured posts on your home pages you like.

What you get is a variety of groupings of articles on your home page. In fact, you can create as many groupings as you like. You can organize them by Category and/or create custom menus.

It’s the Featured Posts functionality that enable you to create a magazine-style website.

Tabber section

Both Magazine child theme and News child theme have a tabber section. This is a “featured post” box where you have tabs to different articles located above-the-fold on the home page. This is where you feature your best or latest articles. It creates a dynamic and attractive home page.

Don’t forget the images

With all three magazine themes mentioned above, you can choose to have thumbnails of the first image in your post pull to display with your excerpts. This is an extremely convenient way to create a very attractive website. Each listing is accompanied with an image. Of course, you can easily dictate which listing display an image.

You want readers, don’t you?

Without readers, what’s the point of publishing a Magazine website (let alone any website). That’s where the power of Genesis really comes into play. The Genesis Framework which powers all their child themes, is SEO ready. But this isn’t just any “SEO-ready” platform. The SEO panel gives you many options for configuring your on-site SEO including the option to noindex, nofollow, and noarchive individual inner pages.


All three Magazine-style WordPress themes mentioned above are Ad-ready. You can place banner ads strategically in your header, within your posts, and/or your sidebar.

Navigation is the key

Many magazine websites have many categories. Many WordPress themes make it difficult to configure your menus so your visitors can easily and quickly find your many categories. Not these three magazine themes. The Genesis Framework integrates perfectly with the WordPress 3.0 platform and in facts works with it so you can create custom menus in all navigation bars as well as your sidebars. You can create many different menus and therefore customize your navigation options within different sections of your website.

A great magazine website is all about subscribers

If you want to earn revenue from advertisers, it sure helps you to say you have a lot of subscribers to your website. StudioPress magazine WordPress themes come with a built-in subscriber widget which makes setting up a subscriber feed very easy.

Build an online empire

Building a successful magazine website is exciting. Building a fleet of successful magazine websites can also be exciting. When you buy a theme from StudioPress, you can use the theme on as many websites as you like. You aren’t restricted to a set number of installations (this is one of many reasons I use StudioPress and recommend this theme vendor).

Need help?

Your purchase of a StudioPress theme gives you access to that theme’s dedicated forum. I’m on the forum almost every week getting help and ideas. It’s a very live forum and the moderators respond to questions usually within 24 hours. The bank of threads on existing themes is a gold-mine of information.

About Woo Themes

Overview of Woo Themes

Woo Themes is a premium WordPress theme developer offering dozens of themes that function on self-hosted WordPress websites (not sites). All themes are guaranteed to function correctly with WordPress 2.8 and all versions that came out after that. Earlier versions of WP may not work properly with all Woo Themes.

There are currently 77 themes offered by the site and all of them are professional quality and well designed. Of course, you get what you pay for, so this is one of the best but also one of the most expensive premium WordPress theme developer services in operation today. They are probably more suited to professionals rather than hobbyists or personal bloggers.
Most Popular Themes

The top 3 all-time downloaded Woo Theme themes are (at the time this article was published):

  • Fresh News: offers a variety of color schemes and can be used as a blog page or a homepage. 3 homepage layouts come with the package.
  • Gazette: professional, upscale theme with some unique features, layout options, and color choices.
  • Busy Bee: supports ad space and tons of multimedia features right out of the box and offers a super stylish, sleek appearance.

Woo Themes are easy to customize and offer great features:

  • Custom Sidebars: You can create new custom sidebars for placement throughout your website using an easy-to-use panel.
  • Shortcodes for creating buttons and columns within a page or post (this is very cool):
  • Create custom navigation menus with a very easy-to-use panel (no coding knowledge required).
  • Built-in SEO panel: You can configure the search engine optimization for your site easily in themes developed by Woo Themes (without knowing any coding).
  • Pricing & License Model for Woo Themes (at time this article was published)

This is one of the more complicated things about Woo Themes as a premium WordPress theme developer. You can opt to purchase a single theme or a club membership which gives access to all themes. There are several options no matter which way you go.

The options for purchasing a single theme include:

  • Standard Package: your chosen theme plus 2 bonus themes. The license permits you to use the theme on as many websites as you want and you receive lifetime access to updates for all three themes. One-time fee is $70.
  • Developer Package: your chosen theme plus 3 bonus themes and PSD file. The license permits you to use the theme on as many websites as you want and you receive lifetime access to updates for all four themes. You can make any changes you like using the PSD file. One-time fee is $150.
  • Enterprise Package: select themes are Enterprise themes which include advanced features not found on other themes. No bonus themes are given but you do receive everything else that comes with the Developer Package, including the PSD files. One-time fee is $200.
  • The options for joining the club include:
  • Standard Subscription: unlimited access to all the themes plus at least 2 new theme releases every month. Access to support services and all theme updates is included. No PSD files for themes used. One-time start-up fee is $125, then the monthly club fee is $15.
  • Developer Club: the same terms as the Standard option, but you have access to PSD files for all themes. One-time start-up fee is $200 and the monthly club fee is $20.
  • Woo Themes uses a private service for payment processing which accepts all major credit cards plus Paypal as long as you are paying in U.S. dollars. If you are signing up for a subscription service you will not be able to cancel the subscription on your own. You have to contact the company before the subscription is set to renew in order to have it canceled.

PSD Files with Woo Themes Purchase

PSD files are included with select membership packages. See the information under Pricing & Licensing Model above to see what packages include these files.

All image logos are intended to be samples and there is a simple process on the site where you can replace this with your own logo. You don’t need Photoshop or any other program to do this!

Technical Support with Woo Themes

All support is handled through an open support forum where Woo staff answers questions and help resolve problems with the installation or functioning of all themes. Like most other premium WordPress theme developer services, Woo Themes will not answer questions or resolve problems through email or telephone.

Access to the support forum and basic technical support continues even if you cancel your subscription. You also receive updated versions and corrections to your purchased themes, even if you are not a current club member.

History of Woo Themes

Learning about Woo Themes as a premium WordPress theme developer service is a study in how technology has changed the modern world. This is a true international company that started up with three passionate web designers all living in different countries. Today, their service has expanded some and many of their themes are designed by some of the top professionals in the industry.

The Easy Way to Turn Your WordPress Into a True CMS

There are thousands of free themes available for WordPress but sometimes you need to have a unique design for yourself. The easiest way to create a theme for WordPress is to use some online theme builders. There might be many online WordPress theme builders tools but you may have never seen such a tool.

WPThemeBuilder is not only just a formatting tool but can also build premium WordPress themes.

Here are some good things about WPThemeBuilder

  • You can do all formatting and styling up of elements like all other online theme builder tool does.
  • Theme background formatting with built-in image manager and ability to upload your own graphics (best for designers)
  • Rounded corners support for layouts (browser compatible feature)
  • Customize almost every part of your WordPress themes including theme background, wrapper, header, sidebar, content column
  • Custom Home Page (Rocking Feature): Now you can create a custom home page that will have different look than all of your other site pages.
  • Archive Layouts (Another rocking feature): Create themes from simple blogging style to complex magazine based styles by choosing an archive style from a big list.
  • WordPress CMS Widgets : These widgets are a part of your home page. You can add/remove these widgets to your home page. This is a big help for business oriented websites. Once you added any of premium widgets to your home page , its control panel will be automatically built and embedded in your WordPress admin area.. These widgets are of many types such as text widgets, photo gallery widgets, content sliders widgets, slide show widgets, multi-column magazine widgets, sticky post widget, tabbed content widget and a lot more.
  • Drop down menus in your hands: Now you can also create drop down menus for any page or categories list. These drop down menus can also be configured from WP-Admin and you can add/remove menu items in these menus.
  • In short, WPThemeBuilder is an excellent product and it can defeat the popular rockers very easily such as WP-Remix, thesis, revolution and all theme clubs. Because those themes and clubs does not gives you a unique end-product but WPThemeBuilder does…. And it have better flexibility over them.

Best for those people who manage a lot of sites and don’t want to pay extra costs to the developers.